It's all about "New York's Number One" in the new logo for the WTC released by two companies involved in its development.

Cushman & Wakefield, the real estate firm tasked with finding tenants to occupy the WTC, and the Durst Organization, which is paired with the Port Authority in the tower's development, have released the new image, which reads, "One World Trade Center." The tagline that's been attached to it boldly state's "New York's Number One"

The new logo was designed by Wordsearch and will be a key element in branding the tower while marketing it to potential tenants. The color of the font has been dubbed "One World Trade Center Blue" by marketers.

The release that accompanied the new logo, in part, stated:


The logo leverages both conceptual and practical connotations of the word “One.” On one level, the brand declares that 1 World Trade Center is “first among many” as a part of the world-renowned New York City skyline. The “One” in the logo emphasizes its status as the Western Hemisphere’s tallest building. The logo and tagline also reinforce messages of achievement and aspiration associated with the building.

On a practical basis, the dominance of the word “One” conveys a strong message about the building’s singular features: its functionality, its sustainability, its location, its floorplates, its specifications, and its central role in the Lower Manhattan renaissance.” The brand was designed by Wordsearch.

The tagline's logo is below. What do you think of the new look?

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