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New media basics for old-school CEOs

Free seminar teaches how to market via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About a week ago, Daniel Greiff lunched with a business associate who called him a dinosaur for not using the networking website LinkedIn.

Later that day, the associate invited Greiff to Thursday’s free Social Media Boot Camp for CEOs at the Cambridge Hyatt Regency.

“That was perfect timing,” recalls Greiff, 72, who runs a Needham-based company that produces aluminum products. “The first takeaway is: I better get involved in social networking. That’s critical. The second takeaway is: It’s not as scary as I originally thought it was.”

Six months ago, Dallas-based Splash Media started conducting the 90-minute workshops nationwide, which include a 10-minute pitch for their products and consulting services.

“There’s a lot of mystery in the mind of most business owners and executives about how social media works for business as a marketing tool,” said Splash Principal/Founder Chris Kraft. “We decided to put on an educational event.”

About 450 peopled registered for four Boston sessions over two days, and Splash intends to return to Boston in six to eight weeks.

“We explain basics to get people to understand Twitter, YouTube and Facebook,” Kraft said. “We literally compare Twitter to the old telegram."

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