Prepare to ace your exams, Boston students.

That’s the message from the people who run

The site, which launched in Boston about a week ago, bills itself as a “marketplace” where students can post their notes for a certain course. Other students can download those notes for a fee, and some of the money goes back to the note-taker.

“We want to create the social-learning platform environment where students are teaching each other,” said founder Saif Altimimi, a 20-year-old college student in Canada.

He launched the site in Canada late last year and it’s now accessible for Boston University, Northeastern and Tufts students, with UMass Boston slated to launch in about a week. Plans are also in the works for MIT and Harvard notes to be accessible soon.

Boston is the first U.S. city where the site has set up in part because it’s the “intellectual hub of America,” Altimimi said.

The site caused controversy in some cities where it launched, leading to media headlines like “Skipping class made easy.”

Altimimi said students will skip class if they want to, regardless of whether they use NoteWagon.

Hooman Safaee, a student at a Canadian university now doing research at MIT, bought $4 worth of notes to get ahead in a technology and psychology course he will take.

“There’s some good material — and depending on what you are looking for, it’s pretty detailed,” said Safaee.