New York Giants at the Super Bowl: Fans in Chelsea alternate between nervous and confident in second half (PHOTOS)

"They're not going to lose, it's impossible," said one Ivonne Smith from Jersey City, watching the game at The Ainsworth bar on West 26th Street.

Metro reporters are at The Ainsworth bar in Chelsea, watching the 2012 Giants vs. Patriots Super Bowl as it unfolds. The pub is jam-packed full of Giants fans and the level of contagious energy is only succumbed by screams of triumph from supporters as the Giants come closer and closer to victory.


"Everyone's got money on the Giants, all the boys," said Andy Hawlett, 29, who lives in the Financial District and works as a broker.


His plans are the same, if the Giants win or lose.


"If they lose, stay here, get drunk and have a hangover," said Hawlett. "And if they win still stay here, get drunk and have a hangover."


"They're not going to lose, it's impossible," said Ivonne Smith, a 28-year-old healthcare worker from Jersey City. "I supported the Giants when they were in the Super Bowl in 2008. They won then and they are going to win in 2012. I can't wait for the ticker tape parade."

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