New Yorkers like their booze so much that they can't even be asked to give it up for an hour -- even while they're working out.

Gyms and yoga studios all over the city are incorporating a little party into their workout routines, like low-calorie vodka tastings at the clubby David Barton Gyms and post-workout wine tastings at the women-centric Uplift Studio in the Flatiron District.

Last month, Green Fitness Studio in Bushwick applied for a liquor license. The gym has previous hosted parties on their rooftop area with licensed caterers, but is vying to be licensed to throw their own parties, according to DNAinfo.

Jessa Messina is renting a space at Tribeca Health and Fitness to teach a yoga class she's named Yoga for the Average Joe. And she's partnered with the iconic Stonewall bar, where a friend works.


"I've worked in nightlife and she loves yoga, so we're both into this overlap of living in moderation," Messina says.

People who attend her class will get a drink ticket to spend at Stonewall, where the bar will be offering kombucha with and without alcohol.

"Even if you're not a drinker, you have a place to go afterward too," she said, pointing to the same desire for socializing that motivated the women behind Uplift Studios to expand their services.

That’s the spirit!

Other gyms have used licensed caterers to host events with alcohol, such as Uplift, which holds wine tastings after workout classes as part of a “Raise the Bar” class series. “Workout & Wine” involves a 45-minute workout followed by food and wine tasting. “Guys can play hoops with their buddies and then go for beers after, right?” asks Leanne Shear, an owner of Uplift. “Women have never really had the same outlet. We’re trying to create that.”

Not about the money

None of the fitness specialists Metro spoke with said they’re adding alcohol to make more money. Uplift does charge extra for their events, but says profit isn’t the main goal.

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