health insurance nyc New York State has already received almost 1 million applications through its health care exchange, with around 666,000 residents already enrolled.

New Yorkers looking for health insurance through the state's exchange still have a little more than a week left deadline. The state has already received almost 1 million applications, with around 666,000 residents already enrolled.

The New York State of Health website reported that about 995,000 New Yorkers have used the website to submit applications ahead of the March 31 deadline. New Yorkers must apply before April in order to qualify for health insurance on the individual marketplace.


Of those applications, some 666,400 New Yorkers were enrolled — with about 340,000 of them qualified for Medicaid.

The New York Times recently reported that the New York State and California have driven of most of the country's health care sign-ups, with California's 870,000 enrollees dwarfing every other state in the country than runs their own exchange market.

Nationwide, the country has about 4.2 million Americans purchasing insurance through either federal or state-run exchanges. The national goal as of last September was 5.6 million sign ups.

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