Widespread reports of a woman carrying a dead baby on an L train Monday evening were debunked today by the FDNY.


Reddit userhollyholidayz described her harrowing experience:


The L train last night was stopped at 1st ave at 6:45ishy. Announcements said that there was a police investigation at the stop. Everyone was curious and we saw a cop one car down talking to a group of people that seemed very upset.

Apparently, a woman in the next car over had a DEAD BABY in her stroller that she was pushing around. The infant was flopping around in the carriage, head rolling around ect, as a man from that car told me. He also said the car smelled of decomposing flesh, not the usual subway stench. She claimed that it was a doll, but clearly it was a dead child. Someone pressed the emergency button and a policeman boarded the train at 1st ave. She was escorted out with the dead baby in tow and I could see the allegedly dead baby, with toys all around it, flopping around in the carriage. I was so flabbergasted and completely horrified; took me a while to compose myself.



An FDNY official told Metro that, “There was an EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person), who had a doll of some type in his or her arms…acting out as if it had been a dead baby.”

The EDP was removed from the subway and escorted to Bellevue Hospital, the official added.

Dead baby jokes... go!