A good samaritan law is headed to Governor Deval Patrick's desk. Photo: recoveryconnection.org A North Reading woman called 911 after hearing noises in her home, but it turned out to be a duck. Credit: recoveryconnection.org

A North Reading woman got quite a shock when she thought she heard an intruder breaking into her home.

After hearing loud banging noises downstairs, the woman called 911 from her upstairs bedroom in fear that someone had gotten inside. But when authorities arrived, they conducted a full search of the entire house and couldn't find anything suspicious.


They soon discovered that the intruder was in fact a female wood duck that had flown in through the chimney, WCVB reported. The bird was found covered in soot.

“The duck, covered in chimney soot, flew directly into a vaulted ceiling, leaving the perfect soot silhouette of the flying duck on white ceiling,” said North Reading police.

The bird was captured and released at Swan Pond by North Reading Police officers.

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