E-cigarette manufacturers have seen a surge in popularity for the battery-powered devices that give users a vapor filled experience with nicotine and other additives, like flavoring. Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images


Mayor Michael Nutter made it official Wednesday afternoon: e-cigarettes aren't acceptable.



Nutter signed a bill that effectively adds the battery-powered devices to the city-wide smoking ban. The ban takes effect July 1. Nutter also singed an accompanying bill that prevents the sale of e-cigarette devices to minors. That bill is effective immediately.


The city-wide ban prohibits "vaping" in workplaces, bars, restaurants and other public spaces. The laws also apply to all other electronic smoking devices, such as vape pens, e-hookahs and e-cigars.


Violators will be ticketed $250 per breach.

City Councilman Bill Greenlee, who was the key sponsor of the bills, repeatedly emphasized the lack of an FDA approval as a red flag.

"This legislation is an extension of the Clean Indoor Air Act. These sensible regulations will protect the health and wellness of ever Philadelphia citizen, especially our young people, by limiting the sale of and exposure to e-cigarette products," Nutter said. "I want to thank Dr. Schwarz for his advocacy and Councilman Greenlee for his leadership on this timely and important issue."


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