A breastfeeding mother.  Credit: Thinkstock A breastfeeding mother.
Credit: Thinkstock

Mayor Michael Nutter is scheduled to sign a bill this afternoon that will "require businesses to accommodate a woman’s need to express, or to pump, breast milk while at work," a city press release announced.

City Councilman David Oh first called for the measure in December 2013 at a City Council hearing where he spoke up to criticize the fact that some new mothers were reportedly getting into trouble at their jobs for pumping their breast milk.

Women who have recently give birth naturally produce milk, which causes pain as it builds up, and must pump the milk or feed it to a baby to relieve the pain.


This bill, which passed City Council in June, requires Philly employers to give women the time and space to pump their breasts.

Nutter is scheduled to sign the bill today at 2 p.m., joined by Oh, Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations director Rue Landau, Maternity Care Coalition executive director JoAnne Fischer, and GlaxoSmithKline's employee value proposition vice president Letizia Amadini Lane.

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