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New York state students showed little improvement on a national exam given to fourth and eighth graders every two years.

According to test results released on Thursday, scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress are almost the same as they were in 2011.

In reading, 37 percent of New York's fourth graders and 35 percent of eighth graders are proficient. In math, 40 percent of fourth graders and 32 percent of eighth graders are proficient.


Fourth grade math scores showed the most improvement, up 4 percent since 2011. Other than that, the results are similar to those from two years ago.

Over the past decade, New York kids' scores have shown only slight gains on the biannual test.

"The NAEP results for New York students confirm what we already know: Our students are not where they should be," New York State Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl H. Tisch said in a statement. "There's some growth, but scores are relatively flat and there is still an unacceptable achievement gap for minority students."

Tisch said higher learning standards, known as the Common Core, will help move students forward.

"There are improvements and adjustments we can and should make as we go forward, but we're on course to help our students build the knowledge and skills they need to succeed," she said.

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