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NYC rated 'rudest city' by Travel & Leisure

The city that never sleeps may be the most diverse with the best theater, but it is also the rudest, according to Travel & Leisure.

New York City nets a lot of titles -- biggest city, busiest city, even loudest city -- but, according to Travel & Leisure magazine, it is also the rudest city.

The Big Apple makes the list for its tough-talking, bird-flipping citizens. In fact, it was also ranked "rudest" in 2009. Apparently, we softened up for a couple years, but now we're back, ruder than ever and loving every minute of it!

Sure, NYC has plenty of drivers who wouldn't dare slow down for even the most fragile of old ladies. There are also plenty of entitled pedestrians who are simply above traffic signals. And yeah, so maybe no one says "excuse me" or "thank you," but come on -- we're in a hurry here!

We have a hard time believing NYC is any ruder than say, Paris -- but maybe it's just Americans they hate over there, and here we just hate all tourists, so there is that to consider.

But to be fair, NYC was also ranked first for diversity and theater by Travel & Leisure. And while "rudest" isn't necessarily one of our best features, dammit, it's part of what makes this city so great. You got a problem with that?

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