Most New Yorkers think the NYPD is doing a good job fighting terrorism, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll that quizzed 1,222 New Yorkers on their opinions between Jan. 30 and Feb. 5.


According to their survey of New Yorkers, 77 percent say the NYPD is effective against terrorism, while just 17 percent say no.


Furthermore, 62 percent of voters approve of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, who was in the hotseat for several scandals this year already, including a rape allegation against his son, Greg Kelly, and the news that he participated in and showed an anti-Islam movie, “The Third Jihad.” No charges were filed against Kelly's son and the commissioner has apologized for his involvement in the film, but neither scandal has seemed to deter New Yorker's faith in the city's number one cop.


When questioned specifically about the NYPD’s treatment of New York’s Muslim community, 60 percent said the NYPD has acted “appropriately,” while just 24 percent said cops

“unfairly targeted Muslims.”