NYPD security kenya shooting A New York City police officer stands in Times Square on August 12. The department has increased security following an attack at a mall in Kenya that killed at least 59 people.
Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The NYPD has heightened security throughout the city following an attack at a mall in Kenya Saturday.

"We keep track of events as they unfold across the globe and we adjust our counterterrorism program accordingly," NYPD Deputy Commissioner John McCarthy said in a statement.

McCarthy said there are no specific known threats to the city, but critical response vehicles and heavily-armed Hercules teams have be redeployed as a precaution.


Fifty-nine people are dead and at least 175 are injured after gunmen stormed into a mall in Nairobi Saturday, according multiple reports.

As of Sunday morning, several hostages are still being held in the mall.

An Al-Qaeda-linked Somali militant group has claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter.

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