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VIDEO: NYPD officers try, fail to block skateboarders

Watch NYPD officers make a bumbling attempt to stop skateboarders at the annual Broadway Bomb race .

NYPD officers tried in vain to stop hundreds of participants in the annual skateboarding race, Broadway Bomb, earlier this month. Officers used orange nets to try to block off roads and halt the racers, but the nimble skateboarders easily whizzed right around them. One YouTube user captured the scene and set it to the theme of "The Benny Hill Show" to highlight the bumbling nature of the police officers' attempts.

The Broadway Bomb is a race for longboarders. It starts at 116th St. and Riverside Dr. and ends at the Charging Bull sculpture in Lower Manhattan. It is illegal in New York, but hundreds, if not thousands, of skateboarders still participated this year.

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