President Barack Obama and "Dr. J" Julius Erving on one side, Stephen Colbert and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the other. Terry Bradshaw in the striped shirt.


Oh, the possibilities.



On Tuesday night's episode of Colbert's American political satire show, The Colbert Report, the Comedy Central host discussed with his guest, Erving, the time they almost threw down on the streets of Philadelphia.


Apparently when Colbert taped his show in Philly a few years back, the plan was to host atwo-on-two showdown.Growing up Obama idolized Erving, an NBA Hall of Famer and 76ers legend.

While he hasn't had a chance to meet the president in person, Erving did say the two plan to go one-on-one in the near future.

Erving plugged his new book:Dr. J: The Autobiography.


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