Occupy Boston took on a different message yesterday. "We are the 1 percent," a group of about 75 Occupiers chanted during a march along Atlantic Avenue toward the North End.

Yesterday, being April Fools' Day, was all about sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek commentary from the group that had remained out of the spotlight during the winter after being evicted from Dewey Square last year.

The scores of Occupiers reconvened at Dewey Square yesterday at about noon for another rally. This time, though, the only tent was about a foot high and was attached to the top of a small red wagon.

"It's April Fools'. Enjoy it," shouted one organizer as he encouraged others to make signs for yesterday's march. Some of the signs read "pollute the moon" and "tax the poor."

Members gathered under the watchful eyes of about a dozen police officers, some in plain clothes who recorded the Occupiers with a hand-held camera.


Despite the jesting, group members said the event served as an important reminder to people who may have stopped paying attention to the movement.

"The visual component is just as important so that people can see that we're still here," said Drisk, 25, of Boston, as he sat on the grass of Dewey Square yesterday. He did not want to give his last name and said he visited both the New York and Boston camps last year.

The group left the area in front of the Federal Reserve building just after 1:30 p.m. and marched along the sidewalk toward the North End. They were flanked by Boston police officers on bicycles and on foot.

While some members said they were not sure what the future held for Occupy Boston as the issue of re-occupying came up in conversations, yesterday's event served as a reunion since the group was evicted in December.

"There's a soul and there's a spirit to Occupy that's unavailable to people that aren't in touch with it," said Occupier Shane Aspinall, 26.


Sept. 30: Dewey Square becomes a household name as scores of people set up camp there to launch the Occupy Boston encampment.

Dec. 10: Occupy Boston is evicted from Dewey Square, and 46 people are arrested as police move in.

April 1: After winter indoors, Occupy Boston returns to Dewey Square for an April Fools' Day rally and march.
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