A member of Occupy the Hood Boston, an activist group focused on social
inequities in urban communities, said the group formally separated from
Occupy Boston.

Community activist Jamal Crawford said elements such as “racism and
white privilege” have been “hindrances to forward progress,” in an
e-mail he sent to occupiers, demanding certain things change. “I can’t
say all of OB is racist or OB itself is racist [but] we witnessed and
experienced white privilege and racism,” he said.

Last week, Crawford sent the “demands” to garner support for OTHB.

The e-mail circulated quickly, getting mixed reactions from protesters,
before he was invited to a general assembly to talk about certain


But due to a lack of a quorum, no vote was made on the measures.

Frustrated with the inaction, Crawford said he later received e-mails he
claims were “an all out attack on his character” because of his demands
and how they were worded.

“The reaction was mixed, and there was certainly some indignation
surrounding the wording and tone of the e-mail," said Occupy Boston
member Ravi Mishra. "But I don't think the responses were racist at

Mishra said Occupy Boston works with members of many communities on a
number of projects and it’s unfortunate that one member has a problem
with them and they hope to rectify that situation.

“I do not believe it would have happened had I been a white man or not
such an assertive black man,” said Crawford.

Demands to Occupy Boston

1. Establish a day dedicated to people of color.

2. Occupy Boston must clean itself up and establish order.

3. $2,000 donation from Occupy Boston to expand outreach.

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