Boston officials have no problem with the Tent City Square occupiers who have embedded themselves in the center of the Financial District.

On day three of Occupy Boston, Nancy Brennan, the executive director of the Rose Kennedy Greenway, said the organization is not upset that hundreds of makeshift shelters and increased foot traffic have trampled the grass at Dewey Square.

“This is a civic park and it welcomes the expression of First Amendment rights,” said Brennan. “Wet weather and tents will do damage to the lawn and that is something [we] anticipated. [We] will take care of it and restore it.”

She said organizers have been in constant contact with park staff, and agreed to re-seed the lawn when the occupation ends.


The crowded camping ground, housed next to South Station, hasn’t been an issue for the MBTA either, according to officials.

T spokesman Joe Pesaturo said, “It's had no adverse impact on MBTA services.”

Even police have been helping the “occupods,” herding their protests and shutting down street lanes to keep them safe while marching.

We respect their right to protest as long as we are able to maintain a safe environment,” said Boston Police spokesperson Elaine Driscoll, adding the occupation has been “largely without incident” since day one last week.

Katie Ward, spokeswoman for the mayor’s office, also said the city has had no issues with the protesters and would only step in if overcrowding or illness became an issue.

“As long as protests remain peaceful and safe, we will respect their right to protest,” she said. “They have done a great job of keeping it that way so far.”

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