Occupy Boston budding with warm weather

Group has plans for reoccupation, but mayor’s office says that could lead to arrests.

Occupy Boston is "out of hibernation" according to one of the group's members, and they have plans to reoccupy, although when and where remains a mystery.


"We budgeted a certain amount of money for [reoccupying] and we have a tactical group putting something together," said Robin Jacks, one of the group's founders.


But Mayor Thomas Menino won't stand for the group reclaiming public land.


"The mayor has always maintained that he sympathizes and appreciates the message that Occupy Boston is trying to convey," said Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Menino's office. "However, we will not allow public spaces to be taken over indefinitely."


Joyce said anybody breaking city laws will be arrested and cited according to those laws.

"We don't want to take anything over, we just want to protest in a public space," said Jacks, in response to the mayor's statement.

Police have clashed with protesters already as Occupiers have taken to the streets for various marches to express what they said are their First Amendment rights to free speech and public assembly.

Boston police spokesman Officer James Kenneally said units were stationed at the Federal Reserve building Tuesday night where protesters were located for a short time.

Kenneally said two members of the group were later arrested for "being disorderly" at the Pearl Street park -- the same place hundreds were arrested last October when occupiers tried to expand their encampment.

"They were seen climbing on and to the top of a piece of artwork in that area," he said.

Jacks said the arrests followed a march "for women's rights," which started with around 100 protesters and dwindled toward the end of the evening.

A rocky start to spring

Occupier Robin Jacks is weary of where things could go with officers as more marches are planned and a possible reoccupation is in the works.

Jacks said a recent interaction with cops "didn't bode well" and she alleged officers called protesters "morons" and "1 percenters."

"If things continue to escalate on their end, I do have fears [about the relationship]," she said.

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