What’s black and white and against bank bailouts?

The Occupy Boston Globe, a daily newspaper protesters are trying to launch within Tent City.

But the real Boston Globe has told the group to stop using its iconic name and look.

“We do not condone the use of our trademark-protected name and logo by any organization,” said Robert Powers, The Boston Globe’s VP of Public Affairs.


Protesters have already begun raising money for the mock paper, however.

Following the launch of their online-only news source “Occupy Boston Globe,” Occupiers set up an account on Kickstarter.com to collect money for printing and distributing the daily newspaper.

Occupier Daniel Schneider said information is lost in mainstream news that “overlooks the inner workings” of Tent City Square and the group wants “as many sources of objective coverage as possible.”

The newspaper will come in two forms, the “Occupy” site says; first as a daily, double-sided paper, distributed within the camp, and then as a weekly, full-color broadsheet in English and Spanish, delivered all over Boston.

“This paper will enable us to reach more of the 99 percent,” according to the group’s statement.

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