Occupy Wall Street's NYC Twitter account posted a photo Monday night of what appears to be a newsletter bearing a striking resemblance to Metro newspaper. In fact, protesters named their paper "Metroccupied."

"Sneak preview of the @Metroccupied, premiering tomorrow in a station near you," Occupy Wall Street tweeted with the photo.

Justin Wedes, an OWS media working group member, said the paper has been in the works for weeks. He said 5,000 copies will be distributed Tuesday. Most of them will be handed out at the Fulton Street subway station, but they will also be spotted in other Manhattan and Brooklyn stations.

The newsletter will include information about Occupy Wall Street's "Tax Day" and next day of action, "May Day," when members of the 99 percent will be encouraged to participate in a general strike by boycotting work, school and shopping for the day. The paper will also have pieces about universal health care.


This isn't the first time Occupy Wall Street protesters put together a newsletter.

In October, protesters raised more than $75,000 on Kickstarter to print 'The Occupy Wall Street Journal.'

The people putting together the Occupy Wall Street Journal are a group of journalists who support the occupation and want the general public to hear the stories of the 99%, according to their Kickstarter page.

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