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Occupy gets thumbs up after impromptu inspection

Devon Pendleton sat eating a bowl of beans and toast from a plate given to him by volunteers in the Occupy Boston food distribution tent.

Just moments before Pendleton started mowing down on his protest-food to fuel him up for several marches the occupiers had planned for the day, health inspectors from the city swung into camp to check out how sanitary everything was.

“Obviously everything checked out alright,” said Pendleton, with a mouthful of beans. “Otherwise I wouldn’t be eating this.”

The group was handed some pamphlets and given some information about food distribution and kitchen cleanliness, and then they left.

City Inspector Charles Cook said he saw no violations within the food tent, and commended the group on their hand sanitation strategies.

The group was told, however, to put food up on pallets so it wasn’t near ground and to remove a refrigerator that was donated to them because it wasn’t plugged in.

A pickup truck swung by the campgrounds around 10 p.m. Wednesday night and picked up the fridge.

Inspectors will review their findings at camp, but according to reports, no citations were issued to protesters.

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