Cars on Broad Street honked for a second day in support of protesters’ signs, as the
Occupy Philadelphia movement continues outside City

While organizers claim over a thousand protesters
took part in the occupation last night, this afternoon the numbers were
considerably smaller with several hundred people standing outside
listening to speeches, reciting chants, and discussing the logistics of
the protest.


Several protesters who had camped overnight
explained to the audience of the safety in overnight occupation and
encouraged others to join them.

Although the protest continues, some passersby seem determined to disregard their message.

did they occupy?” said Chaz Colon, 48. “I haven’t heard anything
constructive, no agenda. ‘We need trash bags, we need this, we need
that,’ but they aren’t talking about the real problems of this country.”

The Occupy Philadelphia movement, as well as the Occupy
movement across the country, has claimed that
the protest is based in an overall discontent towards the government and
towards the top one percent that controls much of the country’s wealth.


Day one:

400 to 500 people showed up for Occupy Philly

Occupy Philly: Day One in PHOTOS and VIDEO

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