Are all muppets created equal?

Apparently not.

But never fear -- a few brave, felt souls have spoken out against what they believe is an institution rampant with corruption, injustice and inequality.

And so, #OccupySesameStreet was born.


Here, we’ve culled some of the most profound Tweets from the international movement.

Make it easy to be green. #OccupySesameStreet


The counting vampires are destroying America!" #OccupySesameStreet

Why isn't Reporter Kermit covering this? #occupysesamestreet

Oscar has started a trashcan drum circle #occupysesamestreet

When there are people living in trash cans, it's time to take a stand: #occupysesamestreet


STOP the illegal poaching of Snuffleuppagi. #OccupySesameStreet


Green frog savagely beaten after he tells officer that he's "dating a pig." #OccupySesameStreet


Truly outrageous that 99% of the cookies are consumed by 1% of the monsters on PBS.





#OccupySesameStreet RT @desusnice he's cute but i'm pretty sure elmo is here illegally


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