The Government Center MBTA station's planned 2-year closure has been delayed. (Amanda Art/Metro) The MBTA Green Line. Credit: Metro file photo

MBTA fares will increase by between 4 and 7 percent on nearly all service options, rising 10 cents for bus and subway rides, according to a plan that state officials will present to the public.

The average 5 percent fare increase would go into effect July 1, generating $20 million to $24.5 million in new revenue and helping the Transportation Department meet the new requirement for generating a larger portion of its own revenue – which was part of the 2013 law raising gas and tobacco taxes.

Students and people with disabilities will receive some breaks. Fares for The Ride, door-to-door transit service, will stay steady, while the MBTA will offer a seven-day student pass for $26, a $2 discount from the current cost of a seven-day pass.


The T will also offer a five-day student pass for the same price, which is a $1 increase.

MBTA General Manger Beverly Scott said the idea is to allow parents to limit their children’s MBTA travel to weekdays. The passes are only available for purchase through schools.

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