SEPTA General Manager Joe Casey explains how to travel with luggage and exit buses.

Why do SEPTA buses have five or more signs asking people to exit using rear doors of the bus only to have bus drivers say nothing about exiting via the front door? -Michael Scolamiero, Philadelphia

Your point is an excellent one. It is in the best interest of SEPTA and all of our riders for people to exit the bus from the center door. This lessens delays and gets everyone to their destination more quickly and efficiently.


I tried to take the regional rail system to the airport. I stood in the aisle with my suitcase, but the train attendant told me that I couldn’t have a suitcase in the aisle. I tried to put the suitcase in the car’s vestibule, but was told it couldn’t go there either. ... Do you have any general suggestions for passengers with luggage on their way to the airport? -Kevin Osterhoudt, Upper Merion

For passenger and employee safety, luggage is prohibited from being stowed in the train vestibule and aisle. The overhead racks are designed specifically for storing passenger’s items. ... When asked, conductors, physically able to do so, will assist passengers with carry-on items.

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