online dating One Queens woman had a particularly terrible OkCupid date.
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Yeah, yeah. We've all had "the worst OKCupid date ever," but a 22-year-old student from Queens definitely just won that unfortunate honor. The anonymous St. John's University student went on a date with an alleged thief who threw a water bottle at her and also stole her phone, reports the New York Post.

Her OKCupid would-be lothario was allegedly so angry that she would not go to his Williamsburg pad with him that he followed her to the subway station where he threw the bottle and snatched her phone. But it didn't end there. He then used her phone to change her OkCupid profile to say "I'm available for threesomes," according to the Post.

Surprisingly, the woman said things were going well until she declined to join him on his way home.

“I guess he doesn’t take rejection well,” she told the Post. “He was acting like a child.” A child who steals cell phones, that is.


The Post says cops are looking for the young man.

We can't help but wonder if he's one of OKCupid's nice guys.

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