Men may be from Mars and women may be from Venus, but they are both watching "30 Rock" on their respective planets.

A recent survey conducted by the dating website OKCupid compiled a list of the most-used words by New York men and women on their profiles. Here are the results, according to the Village Voice:


"30 Rock"

"Arrested Development"

"Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

Bob Dylan

born and raised

my iPhone


"30 Rock"

"True Blood"

Jay Z

obsessed with

ice cream


Oh, men and their iPhones! Women and their "obsessed with's!" It looks like, though, the two sexes can definitely agree in television preferences. Is saying you like "30 Rock" the new version of saying you like long walks on the beach?


We already knew that the mere mention of Alec Baldwin could pretty much save any conversation you're having with anybody, anywhere, ever... but now we know he can also save us from awkward silences on dates? Amazing.

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