Vegetables and Fruits ArrangementFreshDirect is taking the milkman-approach to customer service.


"And we do deliver a lot of milk," deadpanned John Leeman, FreshDirect chief marketing officer.


Dubbed an online retailer of fresh foods and grocery items, the online supermarket expanded to Philadelphia and its suburbs this year.


Customers can order groceries online, and they are delivered to their doorstep within two days.


FreshDirect, which started 11 years ago focusing on the New York-area, said the food is without preservatives and is direct from the farmer.


"It doesn't last as long, but it tastes better," Leeman said.

Food is transported from local farms to a clearing house, where it is checked for quality, and then shipped to the individual households.

Customers can rate the products online, and if a product arrives in less than editable conditions, they will receive a credit toward the next purchase.

There is a $30 minimum requirement and a $7.99 delivery fee.