Nearly one year after Occupy Wall Street's infamous eviction from Zuccotti Park, protesters have resurfaced and refocused their efforts on helping local victims of Hurricane Sandy.


Activists have started a website and a volunteer campaign dubbed Occupy Sandy, which organizes drop-off locations for supplies and meeting points for those who wish to volunteer at areas ravaged by the storm.


The newly-launched is a coalition of groups, including Occupy Wall Street,, and It is being updated regularly with a list of items that are needed, like batteries, blankets and cleaning supplies.


The coalition is asking volunteers to meet at several locations, including St. Jacobi Church in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn, before transporting them to some of the city's hardest hit neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey.


The @OccupySandy Twitter account already has more than 5,000 followers and is regularly sending instant updates about hurricane relief efforts.

"#SandyAid - Sunset Park needs volunteers with laptops to help communications and dispatching," activists requested.

The account is also regularly re-tweeting relief requests from people in devastated areas.