shopping list Carolyn Murray, 21, was originally arrested after a fender-bender. (Credit: Facebook)

Whitemarsh Township Police arrested 21-year-old Carolyn Murray of Collegeville on April 28 following a fender-bender, during which she allegedly rear-ended a car being driven by a 76-year-old man as it was stopped at a stop sign.

But it was the shopping list investigators allegedly found in the young woman's car that really got their attention.

According to a police report posted on The Smoking Gun, the list spelled out the following items:"Chicken breast, German potato salad, Pepsi, Xanex [sic], Cocaine, get high and muscle relaxers."


After the accident – during which the elderly driver was reportedly at a full stop and officers found no indication Murray attempted to bring her vehicle to a halt – "Murray was very out of it, her speech was slurred and she had no idea where she was," according to the police report.

"Murray could also not locate her insurance information and registration for her vehicle."

As an officer attempted to help Murray find the documents, he allegedly found the debauched to-do list, written on a yellow index card and stashed in the car's center console.

Murray was taken to Chestnut Hill Hospital and her blood was drawn "due to Murray showing signs of impairment and the index card that was located," the police report reads.

Possible charges are pending lab results.
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