Has New York's budget crisis gotten so bad that city employees are now rationing toilet paper?

Parks Department Commissioner Adrian Benepe admitted today that yes, indeed, park employees were rationing toilet paper at Coney Island, after a New York Post report.

"We don't know why (some workers) decided to ration toilet paper," Benepe told the Post. "Clearly ... it was a mistake."

Last week, it was discovered the workers in the women's bathrooms at Coney Island were handing out tiny scraps of toilet paper to women. In the men's rooms, there was no toilet paper at all.

City parks employees confessed to the Post that that Parks Department is stocking Coney Island with enough supplies, and they are forced to ration.

Benepe promised that paper is now plentiful in the public restrooms.

"It's our business to help New Yorkers do theirs," he said.

And that's if you even dare to swim off Coney Island in the first place -- check out Metro's report about how polluted the water is off New York's most iconic beach.

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