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Passenger allegedly spit on MBTA driver then punched her

A 40-year-old woman riding on the Silver Line Tuesday night allegedly spit in a T operator's face and then punched her following a dispute over the transportation fare.

According to reports, Juanita Crump, Boston, was arrested and charged with assault and battery following the alleged attack.

Crump allegedly hit the driver while the Silver Line vehicle was stopped at Washington and Dedham Streets and other passengers were on the bus.

According to MBTA Transit police, Crump refused to pay the fare, and when told to either pay and sit down, or leave the bus, she struck the driver with an open fist.

A T inspector followed the suspect after she exited the bus until T police arrived and arrested her.

The driver of the Silver Line vehicle was taken to Boston Medical Center to check out her injuries.

Crump was scheduled to be arraigned in court today.

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