Shoppers say they would be “appalled” if Gov. David Paterson goes through with his proposal to reinstate the sales tax on clothing as a means to close the budget gap.

“I’m upset about it,” said Jae Ahn, 35, browsing the racks at Daffy’s yesterday. “I’m a sculpture artist and I don’t make a lot of money. To some people this may not be a lot of money, but to me it really matters.”

Clothing under $110 has been exempt from the state’s 4 percent sales tax since 2007. But the state could raise $300 million if that exemption is lifted.


“I would be appalled if they did this,” said Gail Elmore, 45. “I’m already reluctant to shop in New York. And if they increase it, I’ll stop altogether.”

If the tax is reinstated, a $100 dress would cost $4 more. Albany may institute a sales tax-free holiday in the fall for back-to-school shopping.

“I work in education and things are being cut right and left, so I know the state is basically bankrupt,” said Miriam Raccah, 44. “For some people $4 is not a big deal. But for others, $4 is lunch.”

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