marijuana, weed, pot, smoke Credit: AFP

Gov. Tom Corbett announced Thursday that he has changed his stance on the use of medical products derived from marijuana.

Corbett will now support legislation to legalize the medical use of a marijuana extract, cannabidiol oil, to treat children with severe seizure problems, the Associated Press reported.

The move comes a day before State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montco/Delco) had planned to stage a sit-in protest involving families with children who suffer from seizure-related problems.


"I am grateful that the governor has moved off of his position and has finally seen the inhumanity of denying sick people the medicine that they need," Leach said. "I’m very proud of the families that stood by me and were willing to risk a sit-in to help their kids get healthy. ... For them, this was a dramatic step, something way outside their comfort zone. And it worked."

Leach is the sponsor of SB 1182, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act, along with Republican state Sen. Mike Folmer. That bill calls for full legalization of medical marijuana use, not just cannabis oil.

"I still don’t know the details of what the governor is proposing or willing to do," Leach said. "I’m hoping that, in a bipartisan way, he will sit down with me and Sen. Folmer to negotiate a bill that is as broad as possible to help as many people as possible."