World Series - St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox - Game Six_Steve Horgan

Celebrated Boston Police officer Steve Horgan never hesitates to show his excitement for the Red Sox. After a fourth inning homer by Stephen Drew during Game 6,
Officer Horgan is captured once again on camera as he celebrates with fans from his position in the right field bullpen. This guy has easily won the hearts of fans in the city, and has become everyone's favorite cop.

It was only two weeks ago when we were introduced to Horgan's love for the Sox when he celebrated after Ortiz's grand slam during Game Two of the ALCS against the Tigers.

steve horgan ALCS - Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox - Game 2 Boston Police office Steve Horgan celebrates after a grand slam by David Ortiz in Game 2 of the ALCS against the Tigers. Credit: Getty Images

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