brooklyn drug weapon cache Police said this cache of weapons and drugs were found in a Brooklyn home on Thursday.
Credit: DCPI

Officers found a cache of swords, guns, nunchucks and drugs in a Brooklyn home on Thursday morning, police said.

A search warrant for guns was conducted around 7 a.m. at a Dahill Road home in Kensington. According to a list provided by the NYPD, the following items were recovered after the search:

—9 MM Highpoint Rifle-Defaced
—380 Cal loaded Bryco semi-automatic handgun
—357 Cal Taurus Revolver
—38 Cal INA Brazilian Revolver
—50 rounds of 45 cal ammunition
—50 rounds of 9MM ammunition
—67 rounds of 347 cal ammunition
—50 rounds of 38 cal ammunition
—17 rounds of 380 cal ammunition
—A 45 cal magazine
—8 swords
—1 machete
—8 Codeine tablets
—Assorted knives and air pistols were also recovered.


Orange and black nunchucks are also in a photo of the stockpile provided by police, along with some cell phones and what appears to be a green bong, two pipes and some marijuana.

Four individuals were arrested, all residents of the home and some related, according to police. Bashkim Sylmetaj, 26, Michael Sylmetaj, 42, Adem Sylmetaj, 38, and Zenaida Vaysberg, 32, were charged with criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a controlled substance, as well as unlawful possession of marijuana.

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