And you thought one pet was too much work. The New York ASPCA had to step in and help a woman in Brooklyn on Thursday who said her 18 pet dogs were out of control.

The woman kept 18 pit bulls in her Brooklyn apartment, 13 adult dogs and five puppies that were born after Christmas.

The dogs were fighting, the unnamed woman told The New York Daily News and the puppies seemed like too much to take care of, despite her love for her dogs. The ASPCA came to her home Thursday, and the owner and agency agreed to place the puppies in new homes.

"She was well-intentioned in her actions but she was on the path to quickly becoming overwhelmed," ASPCA spokesman Bret Hopman told Metro.


The woman said she so far she plans on keeping the adult pit bulls. “I’m not ready to give them up yet,” she said.

“I guess I am,” the woman said when asked if she was an animal hoarder. “I love them. The more the merrier."

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