Almost 30 years to the day after Audrey, 65, settled on Staten Island just a few blocks from the beach, Hurricane Sandy washed through her life, leaving many of her most prized possessions in ruin. Her boyfriend, Reeves, 65, helps her pick up the pieces ...


As an artist, Audrey is always creating. She describes the property around her house as her "dreams," a sort of fantasy world she invented to escape to when she needed to get away from the "business" of everyday life. "The hurricane destroyed my dreams" she told Metro.


She found solace in the decorating, organizing and beautifying of everything, and as a result of this, hardly anything in or around her home was left untouched by her distinct style, that is, until now.

"I was prepared after Irene. ... I put all of the things I was storing up off the ground. ... I had been ready for the water to reach a certain height. ... I wasn't ready for it to reach the ceiling."


Audrey had other plans too, such as starting a business in the coming months. However, these plans were also shoved aside in the wake of Sandy's blow. The storm seems to leave only one option: to pack up and go.


As Audrey tells us, "It's so devastating. ... It's 30 years of my life, but I have to move on."