Thousands bared what they dared Sunday afternoon, taking to the streets of Philadelphia for the annual Naked Bike Ride.


Some wore bras and panties, some went in nothing at all. Some cyclists, like Philadelphia's Jonathon Bowman, wore a jockstrap. He color coordinated with his bright red bike.

"I haven't done the full monty yet," Bowman said.

This is the third year he's participated in the ride.

"I love the expressions on people's faces," he said. "The best is when we pass brides that are getting photo ops. Most love it."

The bike route started at Sugarhouse Casino, went through the Parkway, wrapped around City Hall, went all the way down South Street, through Old City and ended in Northern Liberties at the Piazza.

The main reason for the bike ride is to promote cycling advocacy. The ride raises awareness about fuel consumption and environmental impacts of the car culture. But why naked?

It's about promoting a positive body image, say race officials. And also, because it's fun.

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