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PHOTOS: Sarah Palin's secretive Philly trip

Palin's day out!

Does Sarah Palin want to be President? Or does she just really like attention? We don't know for sure, but we do know this: The only thing running today was the horde of hungry journalists following Palin's every move.

Below, Metro's best shots from the scrum:

The day started out like any other, with tourists winding their way past Independence Hall. (Photo: Brian P. Hickey/Metro)

Some gadabouts eagerly awaiting Palin's appearance. (Photo: Brian P. Hickey/Metro)

Even the Amish showed up. (Photo: Brian P. Hickey/Metro)

Palin's bus, parked on a leafy side street. (Photo: Rikard Larma/Metro)

Amid rock star-style crowds, Palin (in pink) makes her appearance at the Liberty Bell. (Photo: Brian P. Hickey/Metro)

Excited onlookers crowd around the Liberty Bell pavilion. (Photo: Brian P. Hickey/Metro)

And here's the money shot: Palin herself, in the flesh! (Photo: Alexandra Paulin/Metro)

We're no more certain of Palin's political future than we were this morning, but one thing's for sure: We hope that she keeps standing next to men in tricorne hats. It's a good look!