Scientists and observers working at the summit of Mount Washington in New Hampshire had one of the best views in New England of Tuesday night's Aurora Borealis.

The crew at the Mount Washington Observatory snapped photographs of the phenomenon that is also called the Northern Lights and is the collision of gaseous and charged particles in the Earth's atmosphere usually seen over the North and South poles.

Rebecca Scholand, an education specialist and observer at the observatory, said that Tuesday night's Aurora was the most pronounced she's seen in her two years working there.

"It was just kind of luck that gave us crystal clear skies and a really nice Aurora," Scholand said, adding that the crew at the observatory is usually in the clouds 60 percent of the time.


Last night's conditions when the pictures were snapped by fellow observer Ryan Knapp were clam winds, 130-mile visibility and temperatures in the low 20s, Scholand said.

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