From Morton’s Steakhouse to your math teacher’s classroom, Pi Day has arrived.

To honor pi — the mathematical ratio often approximated as 3.14, matching today’s date — fans make pi-designed pies and otherwise extol March 14.

“People all over the country are celebrating in their kitchens,” Erin Zimmer of told Metro. “It’s for people into nerdy food celebrations.”

SeriousEats hosts a pi competition every year, receiving recipes and photographs of “meat pies, fruit pies, pizza pies” in honor of the crucial constant.

“I loved the idea of combining math and sweet things,” said Brooklyn jewelry designer Aimee Schiwal, 32, who won the Judge’s Pick for last year’s bake-off with an Area 51-inspired strawberry cake.

For the occasion, Midtown’s Morton’s Steakhouse prices its Key Lime Pie at $3.14 instead of the usual $10.50.

Pi comes to class

Perhaps no one gets more excited than math teacher Madeline Grillo. She’s been praising pi in her classroom in Farmingdale, Long Island, for 17 years.

“The reason to celebrate Pi Day is ... for the kids to demonstrate how smart they are in ways besides math,” Grillo said.

She gives bonus points for baking, drawing or writing pi.

“Those people who like to eat or cook can bring in something round, but they have to calculate the circumference,” Grillo said. “It also has to be enough to share.”

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