Everyone loves a little “Top Gun” action, some “Jerry Maguire” shouting, and couch-dancing with Oprah Winfrey, but is having Tom Cruise in the Bay State better than having weekend Commuter Rail services?


According to Blue Mass Group, a blog with “reality-based commentary on politics and policy in Massachusetts,” it costs the state roughly $5 million to have a superstar show their face and film here.


“Since the Film Tax Credit legally mandates the state to pay for 25% of the costs of filming in Massachusetts, we have to pay 25% of the millionaire salaries of A-List Hollywood,” the site's authors claim.


The blog says “with A-Listers making $20 million or more, that means all it takes is one Tom Cruise to cost this state $5 million bucks… or more.”


Coincidentally, that is almost the same amount the MBTA says it could save by axing Commuter Rail trains on the weekends, and stopping service after 10 p.m. in one of the scenarios presented by T officials.

“That means we’re one Angelina Jolie or Adam Sandler away from being able to afford to keep weekend services on the commuter rails,” according to the authors of the blog.