A violent fight with guns and knives that started Sunday night inside a renowned Jamaica Plain pizzeria left three people dead and sent shock waves through the usually peaceful neighborhood yesterday.

“Everyone is all stirred up. It’s just devastating,” said Eileen Costello, a Jamaica Plain resident who stopped into the pizzeria yesterday morning to check on Same Old Place owner Fred Ciampa.

Besides neighborhood residents who stopped by the Centre Street shop to give Ciampa hugs and wish him the best, police officers also came and went from the business yesterday.

Ciampa said he could not speak about the incident when asked by reporters.

It was seemingly a normal day of business inside the restaurant as breakfast was being prepared when it opened at 7 a.m. The damaged windows, mirrors and walls were all mostly repaired by the morning.

Marked and unmarked patrol cars were parked nearby the restaurant in an apparent response to the violence. Police said they were immediately increasing patrols in the area.

Still, the news of the deadly fight was nerve-racking for some people.

“It’s scary,” said Vinny Patel, who works at a convenience store just doors from the pizzeria.

A neighborhood resident identified only as Steve agreed. “I mean, right here on Centre Street, it just doesn’t make any sense.”

Aggressive reaction

Police said the three men killed in the fight were gang-affiliated and were responsible for stabbing and shooting one another.

Commissioner Ed Davis ordered officers from the neighborhood and specialized units to remove those associated with the men from city streets.

“Any individuals who are associated with these individuals should anticipate aggressive enforcement,” a spokeswoman said.