Bryan McMenamin queens prisoner escape Police said Bryan McMenamin, 38, was apprehended Tuesday after escaping custody Monday night in Queens.
Credit: NYPD

Authorities have apprehended a suspected drug dealer who police said escaped custody, ramming into a detective with a stolen cop car on Monday night in Queens.

Police locatedBryan McMenamin, 38, on Tuesday afternoon, officials said. McMenaminwas being arrestedfor drug charges around 7 p.m. Monday near Forest Park, police said, when he got free.

A preliminary investigation suggests McMenamin took off in an unmarked police vehicle near Cooper Avenue and 59th Street, despite being handcuffed, a law enforcement official said.


As cops tried to apprehend McMenamin, he hit a Queens narcotics detective with the car, police said.

The detective sustained an injury to his right leg, police said, and was in stable condition at Long Island Jewish Hospital.

The unmarked NYPD vehicle was recovered at a nearby post office, police said.

Police had been arresting McMenamin for selling heroin when he escaped, according to the NYPD.

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