Following a rash of brutal deliveryman assaults in the Tri-state area this month, Delaware State Police have released a list of safety tips for delivery people.

Two teens had a pizza delivered to an abandoned house in Camden County, New Jersey Jan. 8, then allegedly attacked the deliveryman, 18, with a baseball bat. They made away with between $80 and $150, according to the Associated Press.

Pizza deliveryman Ronald Anderson Jr., 29, was killed in the Elmwood section of Southwest Philadelphia after four suspects allegedly set him up and shot him for a $10 pizza around 10:10 p.m. Jan. 22.

A Toms River, New Jersey pizza deliveryman, 19, responded to an address with no lights on around 9 p.m. Jan. 26 and, as he walked up the fronts steps, was approached by two men, about 19 years of age, with their faces covered by scarves, according to a report from Toms River Family & Community Magazine. They stated they had a gun and attempted to take money, but the deliveryman pushed them away and fled on foot.


The next day, a man, 40, who was delivering Chinese food in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, was approached by a man who directed him further down the street, then ambushed (literally) by two more men who jumped from behind a patch of shrubbery, police said. All three men punched the victim in the face and head, then rifled through his pocket. They made away with his wallet containing cash and personal property, then fled on foot.

In Atlantic City, two pizza deliverymen were robbed within 10 minutes of one another yesterday, according to reports. A Papa John's deliveryman, 20, was approached by a man around 7 p.m. who grabbed the food from his hands. Three more men reportedly jumped in, punching and kicking him, then stealing his money, cell phone and keys. The made away with $100 to $150 in stolen items.

Four minutes later, another Papa John's deliveryman, 53, was approached by a man who said he had money to pay for the food. But when he got out of the van, two more men came from behind the vehicle, sprayed him in the face with a chemical and grabbed the food from him after a brief struggle. They fled on foot with food and money valued over $100.

Delaware State Police issued the following statement and tips in response:

"Troopers remind and encourage food delivery businesses and delivery persons to exercise vigilance and caution when responding to food delivery calls, and offer the following safety tips:

* Never ignore your instincts, avoid being lured and/or ambushed.

* Ride two persons to a car when delivering to questionable addresses or areas

* Carry minimal amounts of cash only

* If suspicious persons or activity is observed, do not make the delivery"

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