Sen. Charles Schumer (Credit: Getty) Sen. Charles Schumer (Credit: Getty)


Sen. Charles Schumer wants to ban plastic guns that fire real ammo.


Schumer said at a press conference Sunday that he would push legislation to ban making the individual parts of plastic weapons. He said the guns are troublesome because they can slip through metal detectors.


"We're facing a situation where anyone -- a felon, a terrorist -- can open a gun factory in their garage and the weapons they make will be undetectable. It's stomach-churning," Schumer said.


The first successful firing of one such gun, made with a 3D printer, occurred over the weekend in Texas. A non-profit company called Defense Distributed reportedly produced the weapon, called the Liberator, and said it would post the blueprints online.


New York congressman Steve Israel also called for a ban on the weapons last week.