The driver reportedly speed up when he hit Emron Hossain and tried to fling him off of his car. Credit: Getty Images The driver reportedly sped up when he hit Emron Hossain and flung him off his car. Credit: Getty Images

A hit-and-run driver struck a Queens bicyclist early Wednesday, carrying him for two blocks before flinging him off and speeding away, according to multiple news sources.

Emron Hossain, 18, was biking home from his job around 2 a.m. when the nightmare scenario happened, according the New York Post.

Witnesses said Hossain was struck by a careless driver in a black sedan. But when he called out for the driver to stop, the driver instead sped up with Hossain clinging to the roof and shouting for help, the Daily News reported.


Two blocks later, the driver made a hard right turn, tossing Hossain to the pavement, before speeding away.

“The guy went flying off the front of the car,” a witness told the Daily News. “He went rolling on the street. … He hit pretty hard. He smacked the ground.”

Hossain was taken to Elmhurst Hospital, where he is in serious condition.

An abandoned car matching the description of the vehicle was found blocks away, the Daily News reported. The case is under investigation.

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